Do your Window Screens Just Need Cleaning, or Is It Time to Replace?

Our Window Screens are incredibly important, but we often overlook them. Your screens do so much for you, but usually just sit in the windows, avoiding any notice. A good screen serves lots of purposes. The most obvious use for screens is to keep pests and wildlife out; however, they also keep pollens and other things out of the air you’re breathing. Finally, good screens help filter sunlight, helping to keep your house cooler. There are several aspects of homeownership that ask for your attention. Among these aspects are things like your water heater, your roof, your floors. With your mind occupied on all of that, it’s easy to overlook your window screens.

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If you keep up on your screen maintenance, you can get all the life your screens have to give. There are several reasons to clean and maintain your screens. For example:

Washing Window Screens Improves Indoor Air Quality

If you open your windows without a screen, dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants will come in riding the wind. If you make sure your windows have screens on them, you’ll keep those pollutants out. However, if you let your screen get dirty, the pollutants will eventually filter their way in anyways. Dirty window screens have been linked to cases of sinus irritations and can trigger asthma attacks.

Dirty Window Screens Grow Mold

Window screens that are dirty can trap moisture in them, which allows mold to grow. Then, you’ll have mold spores all over your house carried in the air. These mold spores aren't just bad for your lungs, some kinds of mold can cause problems with your brain. If you clean your screens regularly you don’t have to worry about contaminated air from your screen.

All Good Things End; How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Window Screens

Even with good maintenance, eventually, you’re going to be calling window screen installation companies to replace your screens. Because your screens are outside, exposed to all the elements, their lifespan is unpredictable. Fortunately, if you pay attention, there are signs that will tell you when you need new screens.

Obvious Damage Means New Window Screens

This one is first because it’s the most obvious. If you’ve got tears or holes in your screens, they can’t do their job. Other signs of damage include the mesh coming out of frame. Finally, look out for hail damage and rips.

Shiny Window Screens Are Another Sign

Once the elements begin taking their toll on screens, they’ll start to shine. As good as it might look, this is a form of damage. Additionally, once your window screens are worn enough to shine, they become more fragile and risk further wear.

If Your Windows are Hard to Open and Close, it May Be Time for New Screens

This is another common sign of worn out screens. If your windows are hard to open or close, there’s a pretty good chance your window screens’ frames are warped or damaged. This one isn’t a clear sign because your windows might be the problem, but it’s something you should be aware of and consider.

Keep an Eye on the Frame Corners of Your Window Screens

The mesh on your screens is easy to check. However, you want to make sure the frames haven’t pulled apart. When you’re checking your frames, make sure the corners are solid, without any gaps. If you see gaps, it’s time for new screens.

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