Screen Doors in Los Angeles

Screen Doors for All Your Entryways

It’s easy to take screen doors for granted. You open it and close it every day, but do you ever really see it? Your screen door can be beautiful, and truly attract your visitor’s attention. Action LA Mobile Screens carries a variety of screen doors, we're here to design, deliver, and install new screen doors for your home or business.

Types of Screen Doors

There are three different kinds of doors to choose from. The most well-known style of screen doors is the traditional type. These screen doors fit into the outer part of your doorjamb, and you open them by swinging outwards (unlike retractable screens that pull out of the way). You can get these doors as simple, purely functional designs for side doors. However, you can also get impressive, stylish traditional screen doors as well.

Retractable screen doors, like the Phantom Screen Door line of products are another option. Unlike traditional screen doors, these work like pull-down blinds. You'll store your screen in a spring-loaded casing inside your door frame. This way, you can pull it across or down to close the screen allowing you to leave your door open to get some fresh air into your house without also inviting in every bug in the city.

The third type of screen doors are slider screens. Our slider screens are simple, and are well suited to be installed in patio doors. They sit on a track just outside the patio door and slide open and closed.

Once you’ve chosen the kind of screen you want for your door, you can look through broad selection Action LA Mobile Screens has.


Now that you know the kind of screen door you’re looking for, it’s time to get it installed. Action LA Mobile Screens will build and install your screen door as smoothly as you could imagine. If you’re using a Phantom Screen we'll install your screen directly into your door frame. If you picked traditional screen doors or security doors, they’ll be mounted on hinges facing out. All that’s left is to enjoy your brand-new screen door.

Things to Think About for Your New Screen Doors

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a new screen door:

  • Type of patio door you have
  • Type of screen door to be used
  • The mesh type you’ll use for your screen
  • Retractable or traditional screens

Each of these points might require different preparation from us. You’ll also need to discuss whether you want wood, metal, or heavy plastic frames for your screen doors. We're here to help you through this complicated process. You want to choose the company that has the experience to guide you from beginning to end.

Choosing the Most Qualified Screen Company

Action LA Mobile Screens has a long history of satisfied customers. You can trust us to listen to your needs and give you the best options available. Screens and doors are the core of our business. We proudly service everyone in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Call today, and we’ll pay you a visit to help you plan out your new screen door installation.