Phantom Screens in Los Angeles

For Your Doors and Windows

As a California resident, you probably know that the biggest perk of living here is our constantly fantastic weather. We’ve got the best of all worlds, especially in Los Angeles. The weather is pleasant enough to keep your windows open year round. However, open windows bring flies mosquitoes and other pests in. Traditional screens don’t look great, so what can you do? Enter Phantom Screens’ retractable screens. As your authorized Phantom Screens dealer, we're here to install these amazing screens for you.

Why Choose Phantom Screens over Traditional Screens?

If you’re choosing between retractable screens like Phantom Screens, or traditional framed screens, you want to consider a number of factors. Our team at Action LA Mobile Screens will walk you through each and every question you have. Phantom Screens have plenty of options. Our retractable screens can be installed in any size opening, we’ll customize everything for you.

Phantom Screens work for any door or window

Phantom Screens can stand up to the strong winds in Santa Ana, and the thick, moist, fogs rolling in along the Beach Cities. These screens are very adaptable, and are adjustable for any situation. Pull them down when you have your window open to keep the bugs out, and retract them to keep your view completely unobstructed when your windows are closed.

What are the Features of Phantom and Retractable Screens?

Arguably, phantom screens are most popular for their ability to hide away when you aren’t using them. When your windows or doors are open, pull the screen into place. This way you get to enjoy the fresh air, and the pests don’t get to enjoy your home. When you close your windows, the screens retract out of the way so you can enjoy the beautiful views all around Los Angeles.

In addition to their amazing versatility, Phantom Screens retractable screens can be designed with customized meshes. You can customize how tightly your mesh is weaved, or choose your own colors for your mesh. You can get standard colors, which cross the spectrum from black to white. If you don’t want something on the gray scale, you can bring in your own color sample, and we’ll match that color on your mesh. Finally, these screens come in several different kinds of wood grains. There are limitless options to customize your new retractable Phantom Screens.

In addition to all these options for your mesh, you have several choices of handles as well. There are several kinds of handles for both latch systems and magnetic systems.


Window designs for retractable screens come in two types. You can choose to open from top to bottom, or you can open your screens from the side. No matter what size your window is, we can custom build your screens to fit. If you choose a thicker mesh on your window screens, they can even help to act as sun shades. The main use for the screens of course, is to keep the pests out. These screens will keep your house full of fresh clean air, no matter the season.


If you need screen doors, rest assured we can screen any opening you want with a retractable Phantom Screen. If you need screen doors for a side entrance, your front door, or your back door, we have retractable screen doors as well as traditional screen doors to suit your needs. Like our window screens, we can install retractable Phantom Screens in any size or type of door. We can replace your traditional swinging screen door, and we can install alongside your French doors. We will measure and cut to install the ideal screen door for you.

Action LA Mobile Screens will come to you and install exactly the screen you want. Give us a call and we can help you find the solution you need.